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UI (React JS) Developer

Date Posted: 5/25/2023

Job #1628836
Houston, Texas

As the UI developer, you will need to collaborate closely with the UX team to build the vision and form the sprints to get to the MVP and target state. This involves working on everything from the initial mocks to the final production delivery. It's important to have strong communication skills to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal.

Regarding technical skills, it will be great to see stack includes React, Apollo client, and GraphQL. These are powerful tools for building complex, interactive web applications. Additionally, using TypeScript to help catch errors during development and improve code quality.

Our team also values automated build and unit testing. This can help catch issues early on in the development process and improve overall code quality. Additionally, using Git for version control can help with collaboration and ensure that changes are tracked and documented.

Regarding desirable skills, having experience with Python or Java can be useful for backend development or integrating with other systems. Additionally, having experience with mockups and design-driven development processes can help ensure that the team is building products that meet user needs and are visually appealing.

Overall, this is a great opportunity for a talented developer to work on a high-impact project with a collaborative team.

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