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Data Engineer

Date Posted: 8/23/2023

Job #1630296
Houston, Pennsylvania


  • Already has at least a bachelor’s degree
  • STEM major (or similar related major such as Management Information System, Accounting, or Economics) is highly preferred.
  • at least 2 years of relevant data analytics, data science, or data engineering experience
    • Ideally, at least 2 years will all be for the same company
  • If major is entirely unrelated to the majors identified above, we would like to see at least 4+ years of relevant experience.
  • Communication skills is integral both internally and with clients.
Relevant Work Experience
  • experience working on multiple different projects (rather than being focused primarily on a few on-going projects / business process; in other words, work focused on multiple ad hoc projects is better than work supporting a few larger projects)
  • experience working on projects of varying size, scope, and duration;
  • experience and demonstrated ability to juggle multiple different deliverables for different requestors is essential.
  • Demonstrated experience assessing current workload, capacity to take on additional work, and communicating expected capacity to managers and stakeholders
  • Demonstrated experience dealing with novel problems and conducting analysis with which the candidate is not previously familiar.
    • Demonstrated ability to ask questions when presents with novel problems
  • Demonstrated experience troubleshooting gaps and other issues with underlying data
    • Demonstrated ability to raise issues encountered with the data as soon as detected rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail; established habit of always QCing own work
  • The ideal candidate will already have an established set of best practices that they use when working with new data sets.
  • experience working on projects from multiple different business stakeholders (i.e., requestors) (is better than work all for a single person);
  • experience working on multiple projects that involve solving different types of problems / questions / analyses (is better than work all focused on the same type of problem)
  • experience on projects that routinely involves working with multiple different data sources (is better than work all focus on analyzing a few data sources)
  • extensive experience working with messy data (is better than working with clean data)
  • extensive experience cleaning up, cross referencing, and analyzing of multiple different data sources to answer specific questions
Required Excel Experience:
  • Extensive experience working in Excel is required and more important than analysis done in SQL
  • Extensive Experience with VLOOKUP and/or INDEX and MATCH
  • Extensive experience with PivotTables
  • Extensive experience in creating / working with complex nested Excel functions.
  • Experience with PowerQuery, PowerPivot, and DAX is a plus
  • Experience creating macros and custom functions in VBA is a plus
Required SQL Experience:
  • Experience loading tables in SQL
  • Experience creating views
  • Experience with append and update queries
  • Experience performing joins between different tables/views (experience working with both inner and outer joins)
  • Experience with aggregate queries
  • Experience working with subqueries and/or CTE (common table expressions) is a plus
  • Experience creating custom functions is a plus
Other Experience:
  • Experience working with RegEx (Regular Expression) is a plus
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik is nice to have but not required.
  • Experience working with SharePoint, Pythlon, and R are also nice to have but not required.


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